Limitless Notion Mini-Course - Set Up and Manage Your Life in Notion

Daniel Marthi
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After over 100+ sales and countless positive feedbacks for my Limitless OS Notion template, I decided to create a mini-course for beginner Notioners, or people who never heard of Notion before.

If you want the template only: Limitless OS - Beginner Friendly Notion Template

If you feel like you’re heading nowhere. If you have no clear vision of your future, no plans, and goals… YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!

In my first course, I’ll show you step by step how to get a clearer image of your current life, and how to plan out your future. Together we will evaluate ourselves, set clear goals and we will set up a workplace that will help us be more focused and organized, to achieve what we set out for ourselves.

We will do all of this, without ever leaving Notion.

Here is what we will do:

We will create our life setup:

We will create our Wheel of Life and we will evaluate our current situation based on 8 life categories:

  • Health
  • Career
  • Personal Development
  • Love & Romance
  • Finance
  • Friends & Family
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Environment

  • We will identify our Core Values, with the help of 100+ values. We will select all that resonates with us, group them together and narrow them down to find the ones that really speak to us.

  • We will set our Means & Goals
    • We will learn why setting S.M.A.R.T. goals is not enough
    • We will learn what's the difference between Means and End goals.
    • We will set our ultimate dreams, our End Goals
    • We will set Means Goals, to serve our End Goals
  • We will write our Personal Vision Statement

After we have our life set up, we will start to mold and edit the template we received with the course to better serve us:

  • We will learn how to work with the P.A.R.A. Method
    • We will create Projects and small tasks that we need to work on
    • We will start building our Areas pages (Life Categories) adding relevant information and content. ex. Fitness or Diet tracker in Health.
    • We will organize every bit of information we want to save as Resources. We will have all our notes, courses, and books nicely organized.
    • We will take a look on our Archive page, where we will find all the materials that we finished. As we don't delete anything :)
  • We will learn how to use the "Limitless OS" Notion template to journal daily, track our habits and daily achievements
  • We will learn how to organize our days and weeks so that we become more productive.

Course Curriculum

1. Life Setup: A little Self-Discovery

  • Create Your Wheel of Life
  • Write Your Core Values
  • Set your End & Means Goals
  • Write Your Vision Statement

2. Using the Template:

  • Template Setup
  • Template Structure
  • Dashboard
  • Projects & Archive
  • Areas & Resources

Template Structure

1. Dashboard: An overview page

From here you can navigate around. See where you stand, see your values, goals, and ongoing projects. See your Today page where you can self-reflect, journal, track your habits, sleep, and much more.

2. Projects: Your Working Space

The place to have some work done. Here you can see the projects you're working on, tasks you've created, habits, weekly planner, calendar, and so on.

3. Areas: Your Life Categories

Notion setups can become big very quickly. From party planning to tracking recipes, there is no limit to what we can store inside Notion. That's why it's important to organize in an intuitive way so that you always find what you're looking for. The best way to achieve this is to use Areas. Have separate spaces for different areas of your life:

  • Health
  • Career
  • Finance
  • Personal Development
  • Love & Romance
  • Friends & Family
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Environment

4. Resources: Your Learning Center

There is only one thing no man can take from us: Knowledge. We read books, watch videos, take courses. Also, we take notes, save articles, links and tools. Most of the time we never revisit these as we don't know where we put them. Not anymore. Organize all your resources so you can easily access them.

5. Archive: Don't lose anything

In this template, no pages are deleted. Instead, everything is archived. In Archive, you can find anything you have deleted otherwise.

6. Main Databases

The whole template is built upon a couple of databases, all of which are stored separately here.

  • Inbox: For quick information capture manually or via extension.
  • Days: A page for every day here for tracking, journaling, and more.
  • Months: For planning, and easier navigation.
  • Quarters: For planning, and easier navigation.
  • Year: For planning, and easier navigation.
  • My Core Values: List the values that are most important to you.
  • Areas: Your life categories.
  • End Goals: Your ultimate dreams.
  • Means Goals: Your S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • Projects: Your groups of tasks, milestones for your goals.
  • Tasks: The collection of all the things that need action.
  • Collections: Categories for your resources: notebooks, courses, books, etc.
  • Resources: All informational pages. From books you read to articles you save.
  • Tags: A database for better navigation. Tag any content in your setup to easily find it later

If you have any issues or you are not satisfied for any reason, drop me an email at, and if I can't help you out, I'll give you a FULL REFUND!

Do you have questions?

Send your feedback or queries to

2 ratings
  • Limitless Notion Mini Course & Limitless OS Notion Template

  • Size
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    2 pages
  • Lessons
  • Video Content
    2 hours
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  • Limitless Notion Mini Course & Limitless OS Notion Template
  • Size9.31 MB
  • Length2 pages
  • Lessons12
  • Video Content2 hours
  • Dedicated SupportYes - In "Limitless Notion" Community
  • Refund Policy100% Money-Back Guarantee
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